Flossy Bumz represents action sport athletes that stand out and bring style to the sport. Many people only see the media side of who we are, but that's not the reality of it. The struggles we go through, the injuries we sustain and not always being able to make a steady income are all apart of the business. Because of the path we have chosen and our love for the sport, sometimes even when we are down and out with no money, we still have our Flossy image. Everyone knows that there are only a handful of athletes that make it big. While the rest of us can only do our best to survive. "Flossy Bumz" represents a lifestyle that originated from the idea that YOU DON'T NEED MONEY TO HAVE STYLE.

Our Mission

To bring you quality apparel that is fully custom, comfortable & stylish. We have put our heart and soul into designing each product from the ground up. By working with the manufacturers personally we are able to carefully select the materials, logo placements and designs. We also want to provide access to multiple brands & products that we think may benefit & simplify your online shopping experience!

When we are not working behind the scenes on our apparel you will find us riding, filming, taking pictures and scoping out the possibilities wherever we go. Action sport athletes have something in their head that's different than the average person, we look at things that many people have no reason to look at. We started riding because we wanted to get out of the house, hang out with good friends and push ourselves to learn new skills. Making it to the spotlight used to seem like an unreachable dream, but never held us back. Riding in the hills and filming is now our reality, its all fair game when it comes to being featured and getting recognized as an action sport athlete. We enjoy taking every chance we can to get outside and do what we love. The fact that if you want a good edit, movie part or feature it is up to you to go out and make that happen. You find the area that you want to ride, you build the jump that you want to hit and you do the tricks that you want to do. You build the dream.

FB Team